Björn Englund

System Developer

Why did you want to join Lumera?

I was looking for a workplace where I would be able to build something exciting and challenging together with other like-minded people, but also where work isn’t everything. A workplace where work tasks would require attention and problem-solving together with colleagues, but also where lunches and coffee breaks would be just as exciting as my work tasks. A workplace where I would get to develop within the profession, but where I would also make new friends – perhaps some for life.

The more people I meet at Lumera, the more convinced I am that this is exactly the workplace I was looking for. It turned out to be a perfect match! 🙂           

What is your work day like at Lumera?

This is what my day might look like. Right now I’m testing out eating breakfast at work, so my day starts by saying hi to my colleagues, getting a cappuccino from the kitchen, grabbing my breakfast sandwich from my bag and sitting down in front of my computer. I often jump straight into coding where I left off the day before, but today starts with what seems like an inexhaustible discussion on headphones with my neighboring colleague. Eventually, I start coding and do so until 10 am. Then it’s time for our daily team meeting. Here, we go through the tasks that have come in, discussions that have arisen and look at what we have to do today. It turns out that one of my colleagues has completed a task and that it is time to review their code, so I familiarize myself with the task description, look at my colleague’s code, ask them relevant questions and discuss what changes need to be made.

And today, it’s #sushituesday, so all those who are interested join forces and buy spicy tuna, or a less fishy alternative for the weaklings. At lunch, someone starts talking about the gaming session we had last night, and someone else claims that glass is a time unit. Classic Lumera lunch!   

In the afternoon, I continue to review code until it’s time for a coffee break. After my coffee break, I need to take on a new task and it turns out that I need to learn about Lumera’s business logic to understand the task and the problem and to be able to recreate the problem locally, so I go talk to a colleague in one of the customer teams to get help. This activity takes up the rest of the day and it’s eventually time to go home. 

What is the most developmental aspect of your job?

The most stimulating part of my job is probably working together with motivated, competent colleagues in managing and developing complex long-term systems that can be very large and pose great demands on everything from accuracy and security to performance and stability – and which are also part of the customer’s complex ecosystems.