Nordnet administers pension savings in Inca in three Nordic countries



Nordnet already offers pension products in Sweden and Norway. Now the tour comes to Denmark. In May this year Nordic established a trading room and a sales office in Copenhagen. From today the investment in pension products has increased.

The Danish pensions market is, just like the other Nordic counties, under strong change pressure. Recently new possibilities were introduced which mean great opportunities for the players who offer pension savings with fund marketplace solutions. Nordnet is the first foreign pensions institution that is entering the Danish pensions market with cross-border operations. Our product is now used by Nordnet in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to administer pension savings in a cost-effective way.

Nordnet’s pension solutions are administered with the aid of Inca, a new standard for pensions, insurance and funds from Itello.

“It’s really nice to see that Nordnet can offer an interesting pensions product on the Danish market. We of course hope that other Swedish companies with expansion ambitions see Itello and Inca as an alternative for the Nordic pensions market. With Inca in production for the Danish market we are obviously also an alternative for Danish players who want to take advantage of the experience Itello has with regard to pension savings and fund trading and effective distribution via the Internet,” says Jan Hedestam, Sales and Marketing Manager at Itello.

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