Folksam and Itello initaites cooperation



The partnership gives Folksam increased flexibility in the design of new offers which supports Folksam focus on the market for individual pensions. Individual pensions are a priority for Folksam and aims to strengthen its market position in the coming years. Being able to offer end customers attractive long-term pension products is a prerequisite to achieve the set growth targets.

“The agreement with Itello and availability of their systems for the administration of individual occupational pension we can continue to sharpen Folksam for the future. We can now continue to develop competitive offerings in a cost effective manner,” says Johan Wagman, Marketing Director, Folksam.

“Gaining confidence from an additional customer is important for us. It motivates our employees in the work to do Inca to a better product, and delivering services that meet customer expectations. We were selected after a careful evaluation process. We view this partnership as a confirmation that more and more life insurers are seeing the benefits of joining the Inca standard,” says Hans von Knorring, CEO, Itello.

“That means a lot of confidence to be responsible for IT support for additional occupational business. We work not only with customers with the introduction of the system Inca but we see our client relationship as a partnership where together we will decide how we can best support the development of Folksam offering long term,” concludes Hans von Knorring.

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