Using technology to modernise pensions administration and facilitate better outcomes



Embark on a pivotal moment in the UK pensions landscape. As industry participants, advisers, and pension providers, you find yourselves at the forefront of a significant transformation. The UK pension environment is evolving rapidly, grappling with challenges such as the surge in small pension pots and the complexities of modernization, including the delayed yet promising UK pension dashboard.

Our comprehensive article delves into these challenges and explores how technological innovation, led by Lumera, isn’t just a reaction but a proactive step toward a brighter future for UK pensions. From seamlessly integrating pension dashboards to addressing the issue of inadequate pension incomes, we spotlight the pivotal role of technology in nurturing transparency, fostering healthy competition, and driving product innovation.At Lumera, our commitment is to stand by you in this transformative journey, offering the technological foundation essential for a more efficient, flexible, and user-friendly pension system. Our wealth of experience and expertise isn’t just a tool but a catalyst for change, propelling us toward better value and outcomes for everyone involved. 

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