Two decades of experience supporting the Life and Pensions industry through major transition



A word from our CEO

For two decades, Lumera has supported the Life and Pensions industry through major transition. Now is proper time to summarize our experiences and share some best practices we have adopted and refined over the years. The result is available now, in the first part (of three) of the white paper Lessons learned from disruption in the Nordic pension market. It also includes some projections on the future of pensions administration. In May, Lumera appointed Kerstin Hessius to our Board of Directors. Kerstin is the former CEO of the Third Swedish National Pension fund (AP3) and we will certainly appreciate her insights from managing a key entity in the Swedish pension system, while adding the customer perspective. Recently, we announced Folksam as the winner of the 2022 Lumera Trophy of the year for their IORP compliance project. Lumera congratulates Folksam on their success and we thank the award nominees SPP “Future Core” and Skandia Payment (within the NEXT program) for your efforts and hard work. L&P providers are starting to explore Sentiment Analysis to gain insight into their marketing, retention and reputational opportunities and risks which they may be missing today. Explore our free article and learn more about the benefits of Sentiment Analysis: Understanding the voice of the public and how we implement it. Dormant Assets is a searching well-known phenomenon for all financial services providers. Finding your passive or abandoned accounts and identifying their owners can be costly and onerous undertaking, but there are tools available. Lumera does extensive research on various types of Dormant Assets, and share useful insights in the free white paper Traceability analysis of Dormant Assets. If you missed our latest Lumera Morning Insights webinar “Building the business of the future using AI”, you are still invited to take part of the highlights here. Last but not least, we look forward to attending the Pensioen Pro Annual Conference & Awards in Amsterdam, where we will present Lumera´s blueprint for transition to the new Netherlands pension contract using our Digital Twin strategy. This entails a parallel operation where the old and the new schemes run side by side to ensure a smooth timely migration. Initially, I touched on the fact that 2023 marks Lumera’s 20th anniversary. While this certainly calls for celebration, we should do so with some caution. Being the most experienced partner in our market space is only relevant if we successfully carry that experience into solutions which help our customers address their future challenges. Our company was founded with the mission to help the Life and Pensions industry navigate the fastest, safest path through digital transformation, and we will continue doing that for decades ahead.

Mats Lillienberg CEO, Lumera

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