SPP’s 8th migration in the Future Core transformation project



SPP’s 8th migration in the Future Core transformation project

In 2015, SPP embarked upon its great automation and digitisation journey by replacing a fragmented IT platform, consisting of a number of antiquated and inflexible IT systems, with Inca. The 8th migration was carried out during the spring of 2019, and is the largest relocation of insurance portfolios to Inca to date. 235,000 ITP insurance policies were relocated in total, which means that 57% of SPP’s insurance policies are now located in Inca, and this is recognised as a milestone in the Future Core transformation project. By migrating existing insurance policies to a shared modern IT platform, SPP gains access to more integrations and automated processes, as well as the very best conditions for building up the business of tomorrow.

The challenge presented by the ITP migration is the requirement for monthly reporting to Collectum, which demands a high level of data quality and coordination between systems in order for validation and the end result to be correct. Thanks to their outstanding skills and solution-oriented action, the teams from SPP and Itello have managed to successfully steer this migration towards their goals. Future Core is expected to continue until 2020 and, together with SPP, Itello is creating a cost-effective administration as well as an adaptability and flexibility to equip SPP to successfully support both current and future business.

The “easy” part of a platform replacement is setting up new systems and processes. The complex part is in migrating and closing down systems to enable us to achieve cost-efficiency, but, above all, a significant simplification of our entire operational platform. We have chosen to carry through our digitisation agenda on a new platform only, and it is extremely important, therefore, to transfer customers at a fast pace, so that new services can be provided, says Kristin Lindmark,CIO, SPP. 

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