Seven Benefits of Automated Underwriting



Automated underwriting holds the promise of better process flow, higher customer service levels, enhanced agency communications, improved tracking, more consistent underwriting decisions, faster throughput, and better mortality — all leading to the opportunity for significantly higher profits. For those companies still unconvinced of the business value, a cursory look at these seven benefits might convince them of the compelling story for potential growth. Wrtites Erik Stockwell in the article 7 benefits of Automated Underwriting in Insurance & Technology.

We agree!
Here is the summary of the seven benefits in the article:

  • Better Tracking and Improved Workflow
  • More Effective Use of Underwriting Resources
  • Enhanced Visibility and Service
  • Increased Consistent Decisions
  • Refined Product Development
  • Reduced Paper Process
  • Better Mortality Results – The Promise of Data Analysis

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