minPension – significantly improved pension prognosis



This week, representatives of Itello’s customers met to inform and discuss our collaboration project regarding the new pension prognosis service the Swedish pension hub minPension (my pension) will launch during the fall of 2019.

The work on developing improved pension forecast calculation in Inca and developing an open communication interface has now started. The reason for the enhanced pension forecast calculation is to provide information to the ground-breaking pension prognosis service minPension will launch in the next coming years has begun.

As in all our collaboration projects, some of our customers have a more significant interest than others and participate in no small extent. Others follow the collaboration project and will provide information to minPension when the service is launched.

The new service from minPension propel transparency and digitization

The new service from minPension will be used by insurance companies and intermediaries who have been authorised to compile withdrawal plans from several insurers. The Withdrawal Plan service is intended to be used for those who want to retire soon or who are considering retiring. The purpose is for the withdrawal plan to give them a better overview and tangible help in pension planning. The idea is that the service should also be used if a Swedish citizen have started to withdraw his pensions and want to see the future payments, or if he wants to make new withdrawal choices. The service becomes available one year before the first possible retirement withdrawal and at the earliest when you turn 54 years old.

This week, the reference group had a meeting where Itello and Min pension informed about the state of the project, demonstrated the prototype that exists and reported results from the user tests that are ongoing. Itello’s reported details on the future forecasting standard and the issues that emerged in its work on this.

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Customer Collaboration

Itello has a well-established collaborative model with our customers, which has been recognized by the analysis companies Gartner and Celent. Collaborative models operate at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Together with our customers, we set the framework for our continued management and development of Inca. Through our collaboration model, our customers ensure that they can be successful in their business and business development and maintain a cost-effective administration of their core business.

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