Lumera embraces S4I standards for enhanced insurance reporting



This year has been a pivotal one for Lumera, marked by a significant collaboration with our Swedish customers. Our goal? To roll out a new, standardized commission fee report that aligns with the Swedish Standard for Insurance (S4I). This shift from our previous more customer-specific reports to a standardized format represents not just a change in process, but a step towards greater clarity and efficiency in the Life and Pensions industry. Lumera’s journey towards adopting the S4I standard has been about more than just meeting new guidelines. It’s been a collaborative effort with our customers, diving deep into the complexity of insurance reporting. The S4I standard has thoroughly outlined all necessary parameters, distinguishing between what is mandatory and what is optional. This clarity is crucial in an industry where precision is key. In the complex world of insurance, attention to detail is paramount. Therefore, the partnership with our customers has been the cornerstone of this transition. We have worked closely to interpret various definitions and apply them accurately across different scenarios. The content of our new report is comprehensive, covering essential elements like Policyholder, Amount, Broker, Date and Insured. The final version of this report is scheduled for release at the end of this year, reflecting our commitment to thoroughness and precision. Following this release,  we are open to making minor adjustments to ensure the report remains relevant and adaptable to the evolving needs of the insurance sector. The transition to the S4I standard in commission reporting is a testament to our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and clarity in the Life and Pensions industry. By standardizing our reporting process,  we are not just complying with industry standards;  we are setting a new benchmark for transparency and efficiency in insurance reporting. As we move forward, Lumera remains dedicated to enhancing our services and solutions, continually shaping a better future for life insurance and pension planning.

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