Getting ready for the new Dutch pension reform



Inevitably, the Dutch Pensions market is changing. Providers like you need a clear, and safe, path forwards, when facing the challenges – and opportunities – that come with the new Pension Contract.

This free article provides valuable information on how to ensure a successful and smooth transition to Defined Contribution pensions.


The pension agreement between government, labor and employer organizations, completes the reform by changing Defined Benefit into Defined Contribution pensions. The transition will affect how you organize your administration and related work processes, as well as your communication with participants.

Migrating from legacy systems to a future-proof policy administration platform will be essential in the process, as it will lower cost over time, provide complete functionality to support a competitive Defined Contribution offering, and accommodate customer evolving needs.

Through highly specialized partnership, grounded in deep domain expertise, we guide you through this gamechanger in the Dutch Pension industry, and provide you with experiences and lessons learned from other markets.

Dive in! This free article explains how to make a successful transition to the new Pension contract.

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