Enhance your workflow with Lumera Dashboard’s widgets – now available to all users



Being a Lumera user often requires the need to quickly visualize and access information in the Lumera platform. Based on this, we have developed a set of widgets tailored to support various user types, each with distinct data and analytical requirements. All widgets are now accessible to our customers, making the user experience stronger than ever.Lumera Dashboard offers a comprehensive set of user-friendly and informative widgets that provide at-a-glance insights into essential data. It helps you identify urgent tasks that require immediate attention. The data can be sourced either from the production environment or Lumera Data Mart, allowing for trend data visualization over time. What’s more, each widget is equipped with clickable links, giving instant access to related system functions, which simplifies the completion of important tasks. But what truly sets Lumera Dashboard apart is its flexibility. You have the freedom to personalize your dashboard view by simply dragging and dropping widgets to create a workspace that meets your requirements.

Accessible key features in Lumera Dashboard

 As of version 23.5, Lumera Dashboard offers a set of features designed to enhance your experience:

  • 30+ widgets – empowering your workflow
  • The possibility to order additional widgets – truly adapted to your needs
  • Access and visualize trend data from Lumera Data Mart – offering valuable insights over time
  • Persona-based widgets – for different data and analysis needs
  • Chart and icon widgets – simplifying the process of understanding and analyzing data

Download our product sheet “Lumera Dashboard” and dive into the future of data management and elevate your experience as a Lumera user: 

If you have any further questions or need more information, please contact: sales@lumera.com

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