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A guiding light for Lumera is the feedback we get from users. A fine example of this comes from our recent customer survey about Business Intelligence and Analytics.

The most significant learning from the survey was arguably that these areas are top priorities for today’s insurers, as they strive to be successful data-driven organizations.

More specifically, the survey helped us recognize the need to make high-quality data from Lumera applications more available, to better support a data-driven approach. One customer suggested that this could be facilitated by an operational dashboard for accessing, viewing and acting on production system data.

Great idea! This was soon picked up by our developers and now we are introducing the Lumera Dashboard, a tool designed to help customers implement data-driven practices. The Dashboard provides quick access to relevant data for different user personas and roles, including insurance administrators, fund administrators and technical users.

The new Lumera Dashboard provides an overview of key data, with links for quick access to parts of the system pertaining to the data. The user may drag and drop widgets to get a personalized dashboard view.

Another data-related need identified by the survey was easier and wider access to historical data from the Lumera Data Mart. This is also addressed by the Lumera Dashboard, which features several widgets for displaying data from the Lumera Data Mart and visualizing trends.

Lumera Dashboard use case 1: The insurance administrator

The Dashboard comes with widgets for displaying data related specifically to insurance administrator tasks. These give a quick overview of key stats and help the administrator spot urgent issues. Data available through the dashboard for the administrator includes:

  • Number of cases that have been unhandled for too long.
  • Number of cases for a certain sub type within the administrator’s area of responsibility.
  • Number of cases over time. This helps the administrator understand if the current workload is heavier than normal.
  • If something has gone wrong that needs attention.

The widgets feature clickable links which provide quick access for the insurance administrator to related system functions where corrective action should be taken.

Lumera Dashboard use case 2: The fund administrator

The fund administrator’s daily tasks include verifying that each part of the automated fund order management runs properly. This process is monitored, with system alarms that enable the administrator to act quickly on suspicious events. Using the Lumera Dashboard with fund widgets can be a very helpful and informative addition to these alarms. Widgets give the fund administrator instant views on data for parameters such as:

  • Number of deviating funds that should be managed manually.
  • Number of unapproved fund prices.
  • For external investment accounts, show when that account value was last updated. If this is not be updated regularly, something is likely wrong.
  • Total values of the fund orders, both today and over time.

This way, dashboard views help make fund administrators better informed about current status, and of trends over time.

Lumera Dashboard use case 3: The technical user

The technical user is concerned with the health of the system. Lumera Dashboard lets the user quickly identify system details which call for attention, and the location for taking appropriate action is just a click away. Technical users can find data about:

  • Number of new job errors as of today
  • CPU load and how this varies over time
  • Number of active and running system nodes
  • Number of server processes for the master node

The Lumera Dashboard with its technical widgets enables tech users to take action without delay.


Our new Lumera Dashboard is designed to enhance usability and the user experience for Lumera customers. It supports a data-driven approach by leveraging high-quality data housed by Lumera systems.

The Lumera Dashboard has already received positive response from customers who were introduced to the concept.

We look forward to all our customers soon being able to benefit from this new development.

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