AILO Digital Futures webinar – navigating the future of insurance



In an era where technology and innovation are at the forefront in the Life and Pensions industry, the AILO Digital Futures webinar recently provided a platform for Lumera to share our insights. Andrew Hubbard, Chief Business Development Officer at Lumera UK&I, served as a guest speaker, presenting several key areas that are reshaping the insurance landscape, including:

  • Six impact statements to accelerate business development – insightful strategies that are not just theoretical but practical steps towards rapid business growth.
  • AI’s Role in transforming the AILO Value Chain – exploring how artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword but a game-changer in enhancing efficiency and customer experience in the industry.
  • Insights derived from the AILO Technology Survey – a snapshot of where they stand in terms of technology adoption and the areas they need to focus on.

This webinar is a must-watch for professionals and enthusiasts alike who are keen to understand the dynamic interplay of technology and insurance in today’s world.

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