Increased flexibility and efficiency in the management of risk insurance



Movestic wanted to discard its legacy system, which contained a large variety of products with many different variants. This meant that tough decisions had to be made to reach the goal of becoming a digital leader in services and having a solid base for future innovation, making it easier for Movestic’s customers to understand and manage their pension savings and life and health insurances.

As a result of close cooperation between Movestic and Lumera, a very important transformation to Lumera’s modern platform was enabled, resulting in Movestic closing their existing legacy system and moving resources to increase digitization and expand their customer offering. The implementation of a complete solution also created the opportunity for increased efficiency and flexibility in the management of both savings and risk insurance.

Now, Movestic has all insurance in one modern and stable platform, with some of the effects being; reduced risks (from having an old legacy system with very limited support in case of incidents), reduced costs and increased efficiency (from having multiple systems) and flexibility for product packaging.

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