Better insurance terms for 400,000 savers in municipality, region and state



Together with Lumera, AMF completed an extensive simplification and modernization project in 2021, which resulted in 400,000 customers receiving the latest and best insurance terms for all their insurances.

The project “Villkorsmigrering Kap-KL/PA16” was an important step for AMF in their journey to discard their legacy system and move to Lumera’s modern platform. More than 400,000 savers’ insurance policies and around SEK 60 billion was moved to Lumera. Resulting in increased flexibility and reduced costs for AMF’s customers.

Both traditional insurances and fund insurances were migrated for occupational pensions for employees in municipality, region and state. Business processes, customer communication, retirement claims and disbursements are now aligned with the already implemented administration support.

Now, AMF has strengthened their offer to all customers who work, or have worked, in municipality, region and state. They have a modernized fee model, which makes a concrete and direct difference for many savers. This also means more flexible payment terms for savers within KAP-KL, and a modernized and more balanced return model for traditional insurance.

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