How we empower Life and Pensions companies to accelerate big picture outcomes through a compartmentalized approach to digital transformation.

Non-disruptive disruption

Faultless, lifelong accountability will always be the first priority in Life and Pensions.

Our industry is uniquely obligated to its past – digital transformation that tears up the rulebook won’t work here.

Instead, Life and Pensions needs a new model of transformation – where innovation accommodates the past instead of disrupting it.

That’s the Prudent Revolution  – digital transformation for Life and Pensions that serves the past while advancing the future.

Our proven model for continuous digital transformation

We’ve developed a transformation model to help the Life and Pensions industry transition from the old world to the new.

It’s a long, complex and highly-specialized journey. But we’ve made it several times with some of the biggest insurers and pension providers across Europe.

Here’s our formula: we go on the journey with you, for life. The Prudent Revolution is a continuous digital transformation process we go through together.

We win when you win. That’s why it works.

A completely new IT platform and a battery of customer-friendly digital solutions lay the foundations for meeting the customers’ need for simplicity and flexibility.”

Staffan Hansén

Why Life and Pensions transformation starts with policy administration

The Prudent Revolution starts with transformed policy administration – but it quickly accelerates across the whole Life and Pensions value chain.

Two things happen when you transform policy administration infrastructure.

One, the task of policy administration radically improves – from a blackhole of time, money and energy into an automated, efficient and reliable process that effortlessly adapts to change.

Two, policy administration infrastructure can suddenly and dynamically extend across the entire Life and Pensions value chain – to feed new systems and unlock entirely new possibilities.

And this is where the real transformation begins.

One transformation journey. Endless transformation outcomes.

Successful digital transformation in Life and Pensions doesn’t have a finish line – it’s the sum total of lots of contiguous transformations, like:

  • From legacy tech to cloud-first architecture
  • From manual, to digital, to automated processes
  • From reactive development to rapid, iterative, agile releases
  • From data blindness to data-centricity
  • From obstructive complexity to fluid customer experiences

Transformation in action

  • AMF

  • SPP

  • Skandia


We helped AMF to reduce complexity by a pioneering aggregation of agreements to lower fees and a migration to a modern policy administration environment.

  • Partnership with AMF was crucial to this transformation
  • Over 8 million policies being administered more efficiently
  • 3 million customers received a 50% reduction in annual fees
  • An industry-wide core platform that enables standardized cost-effective solutions

We help Life and Pensions companies distil long-term ambitions and objectives into a strategic program of near-term outcomes.

And we can do the same for you.

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