In Life and Pensions, transformed compliance is a competitive edge. A unified policy administration platform means you can pivot quickly and safely to meet new regulations and seize new opportunities.

A shared approach

As regulators demand ever-greater transparency and accountability, we’re pioneering a transformative model of cooperative, collaborative compliance throughout Life and Pensions.

Our technology and partnership drives standardization across the whole industry, to help Life and Pensions providers spend less time implementing regulatory changes, and more time improving business and customer outcomes around them.

Our approach is twofold: a unified policy administration platform and a cooperation-led partnership model, in which our customers align behind standard legal interpretations and platform requirements.

How we collaborate

We collaborate with customers through a Standardization Committee, which guides our platform’s development towards standardized compliance controls.

It’s a chance for every customer to input into the way we translate evolving legal definitions into technical changes and solutions made available to everyone in our ecosystem.

The result is stronger compliance at lower costs for everybody. There are no costly customizations or additional module expenses – just automatic, elevated compliance.

"Lumera was a major driving force behind our IT transformation to switch to a modern, standardized and flexible environment to our core fund trading operations. Today, they’re still helping us to continually enhance our platform"

Kjell Rydman
 Head of Product Unit Link

Standardized compliance

One output of the Standardization Committee  are the Joint Cooperation Projects – democratic prioritization of the solutions we develop in response to the most urgent compliance and business requirements.

Our Joint Cooperation Projects mean the platform is continually improving – leading to cheaper and more effective compliance that improves services and saves policyholders money.

Business outcomes

Our collaborative approach to compliance empowers customers to contribute to the ongoing development of the platform to meet new business requirements.

Every customer uses the same version of the Lumera platform. So when one customer helps us improve it, everybody wins.

Standardized compliance from a unified platform gives product development teams more power to cooperate with legal teams and create solutions balanced around what the market will support and what customers really want.

Standardized compliance starts here

Standardized compliance comes from partnership and a unified policy administration environment that:

  • Facilitates a shared and collaborative approach
  • Makes compliance easy so you can focus on business outcomes
  • Is flexible and robust for rapid, constant change
  • Is reliable and built for lifelong partnerships

Compliance in action

  • SPP

  • Skandia

  • AMF

  • Movestic

  • Nordnet


SPP is Sweden’s fastest growing life insurance provider, and their fragmented, rigid policy administration system couldn’t keep up. Our centralized environment transformed the entire organization.

  • Premium sales increased by 17X the market growth rate
  • There was a 10% reduction in cost across the whole business
  • Using our open API they built touchless sales and quotations
  • The future-proof environment ensures ongoing rapid growth

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