Business agility

The Life and Pensions ecosystem is simultaneously accelerating and fragmenting. There are new product, partnership and strategic opportunities everywhere – but you need to pivot fast to seize them.

Create competitive products

Customers want more from their pensions and insurance policies than the set-it-and-forget-it products of the past.

They want lifelong flexibility that adapts and evolves to the changes in their life.

To stay competitive, you need deep flexibility at the heart of your policy administration infrastructure.

So you can connect, develop and configure new and existing products into packages that serve individuals instead of segments.

And crucially, make those products available and accessible to your customers across any channel they prefer.

Leverage the transformed ecosystem

The traditional insurance landscape is fragmenting into multiple connected ecosystems of highly specialized players.

There’s a huge opportunity to forge partnerships that enable you to bring new services to new market segments that were previously out of reach.

The key is a transformed policy administration environment that interoperates with the rapidly expanding insurance value chain.

So you can collaborate with a universe of specialized providers – regardless of the systems, products, processes or platforms they use.

A completely new IT platform and a battery of customer-friendly digital solutions lay the foundations for meeting the customers’ need for simplicity and flexibility.”

Staffan Hansén

Accelerate new business models

An agile policy administration environment doesn’t just make it easier to operate within a fragmented value chain.

It also makes adapting to change profitable.

Flexible, reliable and interoperable policy infrastructure frees you of peripheral complexity.

It means you can partner with specialists to handle non-core operations (like claims handling, asset management and bankassurance). Or you could sell out your core competencies to other companies.

The result is continuous strategic freedom – so you can adapt your business model dynamically, depending on your objectives and the market’s requirements.

Business agility starts here

Effective business agility in Life and Pensions is built in a transformative environment that:

  •  Provides multi-channel ability across the platforms that matter to users
  • Serves relevant data smartly to improve time to market
  • Encourages customer-centric product development and processes
  • Integrates seamlessly with all legacy and outside systems
  • Is reliable and built for lifelong partnerships

Business agility in action

  • SPP

  • Movestic

  • Nordnet


SPP is Sweden’s fastest growing life insurance provider, and their fragmented, rigid policy administration system couldn’t keep up. Our centralized environment transformed the entire organization.

  • Premium sales increased by 17X the market growth rate
  • There was a 10% reduction in cost across the whole business
  • Using our open API they built touchless sales and quotations
  • The future-proof environment ensures ongoing rapid growth

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