Digitalization is the bedrock of transformation. Single-platform policy administration and automation unlocks immediate operational gains and future innovation.

Improving today’s operations

Life and Pensions providers can realize huge value incredibly quickly by digitalizing their policy administration infrastructure.

You leave a world of inefficiency behind: no more fragmented legacy systems and generations of technical debt that slow down operations, drive up costs and complicate compliance.

And you kick-start a new digital foundation: of unified data, standardized definitions and automated processes driving zero-friction, zero-error, zero risk lifelong administration.

The key is a cloud-based policy administration environment that connects every system, process and policy in your organization in a unified, accessible, extensible platform.

Driving tomorrow’s innovations

Digitalized policy administration doesn’t just make existing operations better. It also provides a platform for future innovation across the whole business.

By exposing policy data across the organization, every team can leverage insights and intelligence within to create new processes and capabilities – generating value across the whole insurance and pensions value chain.

Lumera’s Portal Application Framework supports users to build business applications to service their – and policy holders’ – most pressing needs directly on the platform.

So it’s not just that administration and compliance get easier and cheaper – it’s that you also have a platform of endless potential for new and better operations.

A completely new IT platform and a battery of customer-friendly digital solutions lay the foundations for meeting the customers’ need for simplicity and flexibility.”

Staffan Hansén

Creating opportunities

Operational and systems transformation through digitization creates an environment that encourages better product and process development.

Lumera’s open API architecture opens up transformation opportunities far beyond administration.

Exposing policy data to the wider value chain means you can build valuable integrations and capabilities that benefit you, your partners and your customers.

That could be anything from an entirely digital, touchless sales and onboarding process for new policy holders. It could be new customer-facing self-service functionality like portals or richer multi-channel communication strategies.

Once you’ve digitalized the heart of your operations, the possibilities for transformation are endless.

Digitalization starts here

Digitalization is the foundation of transformation. To be effective it must start with a policy administration environment that:

  • Consolidates fragmented legacy systems processes
  • Consolidates, simplifies and standardizes policy data
  • Makes data easily available to all business functions
  • Enables customer-centric product and process development
  • Is reliable, futureproof and interoperable with legacy systems

Digitalization in action

  • SPP


SPP is Sweden’s fastest growing life insurance provider, and their fragmented, rigid policy administration system couldn’t keep up. Our centralized environment transformed the entire organization.

  • Premium sales increased by 17X the market growth rate
  • There was a 10% reduction in cost across the whole business
  • Using our open API they built touchless sales and quotations
  • The future-proof environment ensures ongoing rapid growth

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