What we deliver

We help Life and Pensions companies unlock digital transformation opportunities across the entire Life and Pensions value chain.

Our centralized policy administration environment is a digital transformation platform that cascades high-impact business outcomes across the whole organization.


A customer-centric digital transformation accelerates transformative business outcomes across the whole Life and Pensions value chain.

Business agility

We enable you to get better insurance and pensions products to market with shorter lead times to serve ever-changing customer and regulatory needs.


Our policy administration environment is a central platform for digitalization across your whole operation to unlock efficiencies and create new business value.

AI-powered data insights

Centralised policy data is easily analyzed to surface deep competitive insights and activate them for better customer outcomes and market advantage.


Replacing legacy IT with efficient and automated systems and processes lowers costs, cuts complexity and improves administration.


We enable Life and Pensions companies to effortlessly respond to continually evolving compliance and regulatory demands.

The Lumera ecosystem at a glance

We’ve created an endlessly flexible and composable cloud-native platform for Life and Pensions companies to quickly and easily fine-tune the business functions they need to grow.

We call it a policy administration environment. It’s highly-usable by business users, with an API-first, developer centric foundation – so your customer-facing teams can deliver better outcomes, faster, while your data and technology teams can create innovative new market offerings, operational capabilities and insights.

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