Jenny Dennemark

Infra Manager

Why did you start working at Lumera?

Earlier during my career I had worked with our CEO Mats Lillienberg and when he told me that Itello was on an exciting internationalization journey and that it would be a fun ride, I thought it sounded really interesting! Also, Thomas Bill and Peter Larsson who are on the Lumera board, used to have management positions in my previous company. I therefore knew that they had experience of driving a product company, which felt reassuring. Previously, I had worked with product management in the financial industry for 20 years and I knew that I wanted to continue being part of driving an advanced product forward. The Lumera product felt like the right type of product for me. Also, the Life and Pension industry is close to the financial industry, but the change still gave me an opportunity to learn more about a new area.

How does your working day look like?

It is very diversified but contains a high degree of meetings with, or presentations for, different constellations; customers or prospects, architects and developers, product management and other internal departments like sales or professional services. During the meetings we discuss how to progress on our strategy and how we can develop our product further in the desired direction, while at the same time maintaining happy customers. Right now we are all working from home. This gives great flexibility, but I still look forward to more physical meetings again in the near future.

What is the most developmental aspect of your job?

The Life and Pension area is a complex industry in change with great demands on digitalization, agility, and support for new technology like e.g. cloud. It is an exciting period both for the industry and the company Lumera. This all means that I get to explore and be responsible for a lot of things that are new to me and sometimes a bit out of my comfort zone, which really is quite developing. I enjoy working with a lot of intelligent colleagues and also having interesting discussions with customers and prospects.