The Prudent Revolution

The safest path through the biggest change in the history of Life and Pensions.

Digital transformation is eating the world

Customers, companies and entire industries have already acclimated to a new universe of digital possibilities.

But the new breakneck pace of acceleration isn’t right for everyone. Life insurers and pension providers need a unique kind of change.

Transformation that’s pragmatic, accountable and grounded in decades of experience and domain expertise.

Discover the Prudent Revolution.

Transformation without disruption

Policy management is the most complex part of the most complex industry in the world. But that complexity isn’t an obstacle to transformation…

It’s an opportunity – to invent the future of your business (and your industry) on new foundations optimized for fast, safe change. The Prudent Revolution is:

  • A massive overhaul with surgery-like precision.
  • A seismic shift with flawless continuity.
  • The change opportunity of a lifetime, specifically de-risked for Life and Pensions.

Here’s what it looks like:


A customer-centric digital transformation accelerates transformative business outcomes across the whole Life and Pensions value chain.

Business agility

We enable you to get better insurance and pensions products to market with shorter lead times to serve ever-changing customer and regulatory needs.


Our policy administration environment is a central platform for digitalization across your whole operation to unlock efficiencies and create new business value.

AI-powered data insights

Centralised policy data is easily analyzed to surface deep competitive insights and activate them for better customer outcomes and market advantage.


Replacing legacy IT with efficient and automated systems and processes lowers costs, cuts complexity and improves administration.


We enable Life and Pensions companies to effortlessly respond to continually evolving compliance and regulatory demands.

What drives the Prudent Revolution?

The Prudent Revolution has two key parts:
Technology and Partnership.

(But not just any tech and not just any people.)

Our technology

Every day insurers and pension providers process vast quantities of complex, dynamic and interdependent policy data – scattered across decades of systems.

That means step one is a robust and proven centralized management environment built for the most complex and most highly-regulated data in the world.

Our partnership

Step two is rock-solid long-term partnership. Life and Pensions is a lifelong industry – and we’re in it for the long-haul.

Your success is our success, and we bring everything we’ve got to help you – and in turn your clients – win, continuously.

And to be clear, we’ve got a lot: decades-long domain expertise, ride-or-die accountability and a faultless track record.

Discover more about the Lumera Alliance here.

See the results

The Prudent Revolution delivers controlled, deliberate transformation for Life and Pensions providers.
But the results are big, bold and obvious almost immediately.

When done right they include:

Reduced operational costs.

Savings that can be passed on to customers.

Business agility that stimulates growth.

Freeing up resources for more strategic business projects.

Breathing new life into Life and Pensions

We bridge technology and partnership to provide safe and continuous

digital transformation for the Life and Pensions industry.

Our customers

Join the Prudent Revolution.

The Prudent Revolution delivers controlled, deliberate transformation for Life and Pensions providers. But the results are big, bold and obvious almost immediately.

Your journey starts here

This is digital transformation designed for you.

If you need the benefits and opportunities offered by digital, without the threat of disruption – you’ve come to the right place.

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