Trophy of the year nominee: Handelsbanken – HPF2 ITP Collectum



Handelsbanken's "HPF2 ITP Collectum" project marks a historic milestone in its collaboration with Lumera, setting a new standard for innovation and partnership in the life insurance and pension sector. This project, nominated for the Trophy of the year 2023, showcases a remarkable journey from a series of challenging pre-sales phases and project scope adjustments to achieving a groundbreaking success in migrating 266,006 ITP insurances with zero errors and launching a new customer portal.

This project was not just about technological migration; it was a strategic move to modernize Handelsbanken's insurance system to align with the new requirements set by Collectum for the ITP23 procurement. The successful migration and development of the customer portal within a stringent timeline highlighted the project's exceptional flexibility, speed, and the robust capabilities of Lumera's migration engine.

The essence of this project's success lies in the deep collaboration between Handelsbanken and Lumera. Rooted in trust, patience, and continuous teamwork, both sides worked closely, often meeting on-site to strengthen their partnership. This collaborative spirit was crucial in navigating the project's complexities, ensuring a seamless transition that set a new benchmark for the industry.

"HPF2 ITP Collectum" demonstrates the transformative potential of Lumera's solutions and paves the way for Handelsbanken's future initiatives. With a clear path towards migrating all legacy systems to Lumera by 2027 and the introduction of new products, Handelsbanken is well-positioned for ongoing growth and innovation. This project serves as a model of success and inspiration for future collaborations in the Life and Pensions industry, highlighting the extraordinary outcomes achievable through commitment and collaborative effort.

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