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Lumera invited representatives from the Nordic Life and Pensions industry to join this exciting webinar about how to prepare for the new Nordic payment infrastructure.

Jan Hedestam from Lumera moderated our panel discussion with Lars-Åke Edenfeldt, Business Change Manager at the Swedish Transformation Program, Martin Åhnberg, Chief Enterprise Architect at Skandia and Erik Martin, Director at Cordial, as they shared their view on why this new payment infrastructure is needed, what this transformation means to the insurance industry and how the insurance companies can build a transformation capability.

The new Nordic payment infrastructure is an important initiative and the focus will lie on preparing for the changeover that the new payment infrastructure will require. The approach needs to be analyzed by each company, based on its individual circumstances. Banks and other payment service providers should already start to consider how to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead, and what services they would like to offer customers in the future

Key takeaways
  • A new and common payment infrastructure will add several benefits for the Nordic societies like increased trade, growth and employment. It will also provide a modern payment experience to customers, as customers’ expectations and demands constantly evolve.
  • The new payment infrastructure will lay the foundation for future developments and better solutions. It will help banks, and other payment service providers, to better serve their customers by making everyday payments more efficient.
  • There will be no future bank-common service for “Värdeavi”. Each payment service provider can, if they wish, develop services themselves for the decreasing customer base who are not willing to receive the payment directly to a bank account.
  • Take the chance to shape the future. Be proactive, start now and develop your requirements and utilize the changes in the payment market as a catalyst to develop and modernize your business architecture.

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