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Future Core Cloud, partnering with Lumera, has explored a market need to better service pension funds in the Swedish life and pensions industry. Leveraging Lumera’s flexibility and self-servicing configuration for partners, Future Core Cloud designed a new policy administration solution for PP Pension, a pension fund serving the Swedish media and information industry.  

PP Pension: SEK 18 billion in assets, both unit-linked and traditional insurance (DB and DC) and risk insurance – in total, approximately 100,000 policies.  

 Business needs: 

  • Self-service features for enabling partners and customers to maintain their implementations in a cost-efficient way, while reducing the time to market.   
  • A leaner fixed cost structure, critical for success in procurements for occupational pension plans.  

    Outcomes: Further automation, digitalization and minimized risk by using a standard SaaS solution with end-to-end system support for pension funds.  

In Sweden, the number of active pension funds has decreased as the industry has consolidated. Today, the ten largest pension funds manage occupational pensions for over one million employees and retirees in over 2,700 companies, with combined assets of more than SEK 200 billion.   

Some of the challenges facing PP Pension were specific for their enterprise, while others reflected industry and societal changes. These included:  

  • Structural industry change, with shrinking membership in the original guild  
  • Increased life expectancy of members  
  • Regulatory pressure 
  • Transition to digital customer experiences and servicing  
  • Pension reforms: occupational pensions going from defined benefit to defined contribution plans  
  • Legacy, inhouse-developed systems supported by key personnel, many near retirement  
  • Increasing Total Cost of Ownership for legacy systems, while pension management fees are falling due to consolidation and competitive pressure.   

Besides the product Lumera, Future Core Cloud has created complementing SaaS services like end user and internet office portals, and a standard configuration and Lumera for pension funds. 

For more information, get in touch with Lumera’s partner relationship manager or product manager at

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