Nordnet wins the 2023 Lumera Trophy of the year



Lumera is happy to announce that Nordnet is the winner of the 2023 Lumera Trophy of the year with the project Finnish Endowment Wrapper. 

As Finland's first fully digitized Savings and Investment Policy (SIP), the "Finnish Endowment Wrapper" has reshaped the financial services landscape by making savings and insurance products accessible to a broader demographic. This initiative has not only received substantial media attention but has also significantly enhanced Nordnet's product offerings across the Nordic countries, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Motivation of the jury

Nordnet has demonstrated that its well-founded, scalable business model can effectively expand into new markets. By offering innovative product solutions that deliver added value to customers, Nordnet challenges established local market players.

This spring, the digital insurance savings product, SIP (Savings and Investment Policy), was launched in Finland for the general public, addressing a product area that previously mainly targeted wealthier customers. Through Nordnet's newly launched solution, customers gain access to a modern and flexible digital product that offers competitive pricing and a broad investment universe. At the same time, Nordnet was able to benefit from the established platform and existing systems, requiring minimal adaptation to specific market needs. This strategy enabled efficient expansion and uniform operations across all Nordic countries.

Over the past 20 years, Nordnet has evolved from a challenger to an established market player. This initiative demonstrates their ongoing commitment to developing innovative products that not only challenge existing competitors but also appeal to new target groups.

The jury consisted of Staffan Hansén, Helena Palmgren, and Per-Erik Gullnäs.


Lumera would like to congratulate Nordnet on their success and thank all the involved team members for all the hard work and effort, setting an impressive example of achievement and serving as an inspiration in the Life and Pensions industry. We wish Nordnet continued success in their future endeavors.

Carl Lönndahl, Director of Life and Pension at Nordnet Bank AB, collected the award.

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