Itello and Microsoft in collaboration to modernize the European Life & Pension industry



Itello and Microsoft in collaboration to modernize the European Life & Pension industry

By achieving IP Co-Sell partner status, Itello strenghtens the relationship with Microsoft and leads the way for the cloud transition in the European Life & Pension (L&P) industry..

Society is changing; more people are living and working longer and having more varied careers. As a result, the life and pensions industry is evolving, with more choice, information and flexibility needed by customers than ever before. Alongside this, there are ongoing pressures on companies to optimise operational efficiencies to retain competitive edge and at the same time continuously adapting to new laws and regulations. On this path through digital transformation, the companies in L&P are seeking a modern core IT-platform that can help them become more agile, future-proof and fit for growth.

In this transition to a more data-centred and data-driven future, cloud technology is key. An important factor is of course the unique cloud capabilities of elasticity and scalability. But as important for an IT-platform with the long-term commitment required in L&P, is the fact that the future technologies will be delivered via cloud technology. Thus, the core system also needs to be cloud-based to easily and smoothly tap into the technologies of the future with the potential to generate customer and business value.

With the launch of Itello Live, Itello has taken the market leadership position by offering a true SaaS solution for the Nordic L&P industry – powered by the market-leading cloud technology of Microsoft Azure. Itello’s customer base has strict regulatory compliance requirements when it comes to transparency and security due to their vital societal importance. In this, Microsoft has been the forerunner and this was one of the important rationales for Itello’s strategic choice of Microsoft as its cloud partner. By levelling up the collaboration with Microsoft, Itello is now ready to accelerate the expansion ambitions and help L&P companies throughout Europe to succeed with their digital transformation journeys.

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