It is really about the customer



According to the report, “high performers in it are consolidating the noticeable lead that they have opened up in recent years. Not only are they finding novel ways to optimize—holding down costs and streamlining processes across their organizations—but they are also actively driving innovation and top-line growth. Increasingly, they are central to their organizations’ strategic directions— and increasingly, those directions are defined by digital.”

High performers are using digital tools and systems to push for excellence across all three dimensions of High Performance IT: IT innovation, IT agility, and IT execution.

In the area of risk assessment of heath declaration in life insurance industry in the Nordic area, we still see many companies using the slow ping pong match of paper to fill in and very often to be complemented a second round before the risk assessment evaluation even start. This causing drop off up to 20 percent according and average costs to € 175 per case, according to a survey Itello have completed.

Read why you should go flat out digital even with the risk assessment process and meet customers’ high expectation on a smooth customer journey. At least according to Accenture

#1 It really is all about the customer

High performers’ business objectives are very different from those of others. While most organizations continue to be internally focused on cost, productivity, and processes, high performers’ foremost objectives are related to improving the customer’s experience. Indeed, Accenture’s search found that the high performers’ top three business priorities related to ensuring that their IT investment strategies were linked to their customers. See figure below. They are concerned about providing the right information to the right person—customer, partner, or employee—at the right time; they are seeking better ways to interact with their customers; and they are keen to deliver new services or products to them.

Further emphasizing the point:

  • in organizations that weren’t high performers
  • these customer issues had a much lower priority

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