Future of UK workplace pensions and health protection: Trends and technology



In a time of constant change, employers and employees face significant challenges in managing retirement savings and health protection. This article explores the latest trends and the role of technology in shaping the future of workplace benefits in the UK, compared to the Swedish model.

The UK, with its vast number of small businesses, has a highly fragmented workplace pension landscape. Pension consolidation could improve outcomes by addressing these fragmented services. Additionally, the rise of small pension pots poses challenges, and modern technology could play a crucial role in streamlining management and reducing costs.

Sweden offers a contrasting model with its efficient, large-scale pension providers and consolidated view through tools like minPension, which helps individuals manage their retirement savings more effectively.

Integrating long-term disability and life cover with UK pensions is another area needing attention. Learning from Sweden’s model could provide better protection for UK workers and enhance overall financial security.

For a deeper dive into these trends and technological impacts, read our full article in the PDF.

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