Folksam accelerates the pace of digital transformation and is now live with Inca Portal Application Framework



Folksam’s journey towards a modern insurance company with a modern infrastructure, based on a secure and reliable foundation, continues. The legacy migration continues and the use of standard systems and cloud technologies will increase. For the coming years, the refurbishment of Folksam’s IT environment will continue.

Since the beginning of the year, Folksam has been live with Itello’s Inca Portal Application Framework (Inca PAF), an important piece of the puzzle in their digitalization journey. Inca PAF helps Folksam to simplify and improve the customer experience and offers opportunities for customers and partners to interact with Folksam in digital channels, more adequate than before. Inca PAF also helps Folksam to simplify and improve internal routines and working methods, which is an important step in the digitalization journey, ensuring a more efficient administrative business, both in terms of cost and quality.

Today, the world is changing faster than ever before and efficient advancements are becoming more and more necessary. Thus, Folksam is now accelerating the pace of digital transformation to be able to deliver modern and relevant services to customers and partners and thereby strengthen its position towards competitors.

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