Adapting to change: Strategies and successes in Life and Pensions



A word from our acting CEO

In this edition, we bring you the latest updates and insights from the evolving world of Life and Pensions. We highlight significant developments, industry events, and customer achievements that shape our sector.

In the Netherlands, the WTP system introduces significant challenges and opportunities for the future of pension management. Our latest white paper outlines a strategic framework for managing these changes effectively, providing administrators with the tools needed for a controlled and efficient transition.

Amidst speculation about the feasibility and implications of value transfer under the new regime, we offer a fresh perspective. Our new article published in Pensioen Pro Magazine addresses and challenges concerns about increased costs and complexity, providing pension funds with the facts needed to make informed decisions.

We are excited to announce Lumera's participation in the Pensioen Pro Annual Conference & Awards on June 18, a key platform for discussing the future of pensions and influencing the industry’s direction.

In the UK, the shift towards personal management of retirement savings and health protections highlights the crucial role of workplace pensions and insurance engagements. Our insights on overcoming challenges and leveraging technology are detailed in our latest article.

Additionally, our latest video delves into the critical role of AI monitoring in driving innovation and ensuring efficiency and fairness within the insurance sector.

Congratulations to Nordnet for winning the 2023 Lumera Trophy of the year with their project, Finnish Endowment Wrapper, an achievement that serves as an inspiration across the Nordic Life and Pensions industry.  

As we navigate these transformative times, Lumera is committed to providing our customers and partners with the knowledge and tools needed to adapt and thrive. Thank you for your continued trust and engagement. We look forward to achieving great things together in this evolving industry.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!

Jonas Alfredson,
Acting CEO, Lumera

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