Lumera is an endlessly flexible cloud-native foundation for Life and Pensions providers to build a policy administration environment that transforms their whole business.

What is a policy administration environment?

A policy administration environment is a standardized digital foundation to create new value across the whole life and pensions value chain.

It’s a mature out-of-the-box policy administration solution that leverages the power of the cloud to drive more efficient and automated operations across the whole business.

But it’s also a developer-centric, API-first platform for your developers to create innovative new market offerings, operational capabilities and data insights.

The result is an endlessly flexible and composable platform of functions with deep interoperability at its core – a Life and Pensions platform made for continuous change.

Why is it different from a traditional system?

Traditional policy administration solutions are a patchwork of disparate systems that need high-touch manual management just to function.

Lumera is one unified environment of standardized policy data that processes all aspects of policy administration.

It connects to, and builds on, a transforming value chain; amplifying your areas of value, connecting to external systems and data, and driving business-wide transformation.

What is it made of?

A policy administration environment is a cloud-native development platform that decouples critical Life and Pensions functionality from traditional legacy systems.

Organizations can quickly compose new capabilities from pre-configured discrete business functions, or leverage ready-baked standard configurations to quickly stand up new products and services.

It supports deep extensibility for businesses to reconfigure standardized functionality in line with their own business, technology and regulatory requirements – across all systems and countries.

  • Business users get a simple, clean interface supported by continuously improving functions and capabilities they need to serve a changing marketplace effectively
  • Developers get a deeply flexible platform to serve business requests and uncover new opportunities
  • Actuaries get a high-performance data-rich analytics environment that interoperates with their own tooling

How does it fit together?

Explore the Lumera stack

Lumera is composed of multiple discrete layers encompassing development methodologies, ecosystem connectivity, data management, presentation interfaces, automations and more.

Every layer seamlessly combines into an endlessly flexible, configurable and automated policy administration environment. Explore how the different layers stack up and interact with each other below.

  • Foundation

  • Platform

  • Application

  • Country Layer

  • Customer config

  • Extensions

  • PAE

Foundation layer

Every aspect of Lumera is designed, built and continuously developed for the cloud. We have an API and developer-first mindset, supported by guiding principles like:

We use a small number of technology stacks and minimize dependencies to reduce risk, economize resource management and keep distribution fast and effective.

We maximize scalability and elasticity by delivering modular functionality – deployed in stateless containers or as processes on virtual machines.

We group functionality and services based on change boundaries so autonomous teams can develop quickly.

We maintain low system complexity and manage all core data in a central storage service, independent from individual functions and services.


Lumera’s front-end is accessible to business users through a browser, as a SaaS application. Users can manage and automate complex processes all across the life and pensions process in a simple graphical interface – throughout the life-long customer journey.


Lumera is more than an administration system – it integrates across every device, system and actor across the life and pensions value chain.


Lumera was built for hyper-automation – it will automatically and intelligently run most processes, continuously accounting for every configuration and transaction across the stack, with full traceability and auditability.

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