Pension Administration Outsourcing

We manage (and de-risk) the complexity of lifelong pension portfolios faced with changing regulations, so you can focus on new business, market opportunities and building digital channels.

Effective management

Pension portfolios of the past must still be managed for many years, with ever increasing complexity as regulations change. This complexity will require management time, time spent not focusing on new business.

As Norway’s leading defined benefit pensions expert, we can manage (and de-risk) that complexity for you, so you’re free to focus on building the future of your business.

Full or partial outsourcing

We can tailor our flexible services to suit the needs of your organisation. We offer actuarial consulting, technology and systems, and administration as either standalone services or as a fully managed offering.

A fully-managed service for defined benefits includes:

  • Customer/member service, utilizing digital channels 
  • Administration
  • Liabilities monitoring
  • Payouts
  • Tax

Our actuaries also handle the annual distribution of profits and statutory reporting.

"The Eikos solution takes out the complexity from managing our pension and benefits plans. Management gets more time to focus on the company’s core activities, while the self-service portal gives our employees and retirees convenient access to information."

Torolf Aadnesen
Senior Vice President

Member Service Outsourcing and Tools

Our customizable member service portal and help desk is directly linked to the policy administration system and gives members access to modern digital services, like:

  • Statements
  • Pension payments
  • Claims
  • Benefits information
  • Document archive
  • Self-service functionality

If you’d like to handle member information and communication yourself, you get the same efficient tools as we use, and can focus on giving quality advice to your members – while we handle the rest.

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