Unlike a traditional policy administration system we compartmentalize critical functions to map specific transformation steps into the implementation. The result is a flawless record of safe implementations.

The right approach

The excitement around big picture outcomes in Life and Pensions transformation can conceal the complexity involved in making those changes real.

But it’s vital not to let the desired results overshadow the journey itself. The steps you take on your transformation journey have a material impact on the results you see.

Smart implementation is the difference between a Prudent Revolution  and a destructive one – between moving quickly, safely and effectively, or doing more harm than good.

Lumera has a range of implementation approaches designed to help customers set themselves up for success – to make high-value change non-disruptive and optimized for specific goals.

Iterative, compartmentalized change

Transforming large companies is an enormous, high-risk task. That’s why it’s critical to keep your implementation approach tightly focused around specific business requirements.

What pains are you trying to solve? What new capabilities or products are you aiming to launch? What market or customer needs are you trying to address? What systems are you retiring?

The deep flexibility and interoperability of our policy administration environment
  means we can break large transformation ambitions into smaller components and deliver change incrementally.

The Benefits

Our implementation approach supports iterative transformation that de-risks potentially disruptive change by only touching the systems and processes relevant to immediate goals.

Business and technology convergence

Serve new business needs frictionlessly

De-risked transformation

Small, iterative, safe change

Endless flexibility

Leverage any function at any time

Leverage any function at any time

Quick-wins that build to big results

Discover our implementation models

Every transformation objective has its own implementation journey – but here are some common approaches we take to de-risk transformational change by compartmentalizing into smaller deliverables.

  • The system-based implementation

  • The pilots and products-based implementation

  • The function-based implementation

The system-based implementation

This is a traditional system-based approach for companies with multiple legacy systems supporting duplicate functions.

  • Consolidate multiple systems into a single platform
  • Integrate and deduplicate redundant functions
  • Radically cut maintenance costs
  • Build a single data view

Join the Prudent Revolution

The Prudent Revolution delivers controlled,
delibera transformation for Life and Pensions  providers. But the
results are big, bold and obvious almost immediately.

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