Actuarial Consulting

Our actuaries have the knowledge and experience that make a difference – whether it is to analyze a pension portfolio, make complex products and regulations understandable or help you understand and evaluate the complex implications that defined benefit pension schemes have on a balance sheet.

Deep Expertise

Our highly trained actuaries have deep expertise in pension schemes, regulations and product implementations.

When you trust us to analyze pension obligations, you get close partnership with a dedicated expert that works for you. We don’t just rely on standardized calculations or give high-level explanations – we ask deep questions to disentangle complexity and create certainty. Our close partnership and expertise means that the complex financial and regulatory implications of defined benefit schemes gets understandable.

Our actuaries’ close relations and cooperation with our system development teams have resulted in tools and methods that even though we dive deeper than most other actuaries, we can deliver services effectively and fast at competitive cost levels.

Whether you represent a small or large company, pension fund or insurance company, by trusting our actuaries you will get access to a team of dedicated experts that will make the complex understandable and make sure that your pension obligation calculations follow regulatory and financial standards.

Peace of Mind

Our close partnership and expertise means that the complex financial implications of defined benefits don’t wreak havoc on your balance sheets.

Instead, we work with CFOs to understand how unique events in your budget impact capital reserve, see where the liabilities are and ensure they don’t affect obligations.

Partnership with an Lumera actuary means regular updates and on-call contact, quarterly reports to the board of directors and guaranteed obligations to the board of trustees.

Better decisions

Our actuarial consultants expose how real-world events and fluctuations impact pension obligations, budgets and liabilities.

And crucially, they can also explain why – in simple, accessible terms.

We provide deep insights into the complex and invisible forces driving your financial obligations to empower better, faster decision-making while mitigating future risk.

Actuarial Consulting Starts Here

For actuarial consulting that elevates the way you manage and de-risk your defined benefit pension scheme, you need a true partner that:

  • Builds alignment with you and your board to better understand your Life and Pension needs
  • Stays close through regular meetings and reports to keep you up-to-date and looking forwards
  • Takes ownership of accuracy and accountability – catching errors fast and reducing unnecessary costs everywhere
  • Leverages expertise grounded in years of experience within Life and Pensions to make your schemes, systems and business better

A tailor-made plan

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