How it works

We unlock safe transformation for Life and Pensions companies in three key ways: our partnership, our technology and our implementation approach.

Our approach

Unrestrained partnership is the foundation of our Life and Pensions transformation platform.

Our commitment to transforming the industry and meeting its most pressing needs demands that we facilitate industry-wide collaboration and work closely with our customers.

This doesn’t mean that our customers are tied down.

In fact, we believe that composable flexibility is the key to transformation across geographic regions in an industry with complex needs.

And this is reflected in how we develop and implement our policy administration environment.

How it’s delivered


See how we partner with our customers, and facilitate collaboration across the industry, to deliver transformative policy administration.


See how Lumera is built, what separates it from a traditional policy administration system and how a centralised environment can transform your entire organization.


See how our incremental, compartmentalised range of implementation approaches deliver short-term value in a long-term strategy.

The Lumera ecosystem at a glance

We’ve created an endlessly flexible and composable cloud-native platform for Life and Pensions companies to quickly and easily fine-tune the business functions they need to grow.

We call it a policy administration environment. It’s highly-usable by business users, with an API-first, developer centric foundation – so your customer-facing teams can deliver better outcomes, faster, while your data and technology teams can create innovative new market offerings, operational capabilities and insights.

Our customers

A tailor-made plan

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