Meet Lumera at the Pensioen Pro Investor Council, October 10




On October 10, Lumera will attend the Pensioen Pro Investor Council in Rotterdam to present how proven technology can bridge the information gap in WTP, and further discuss how custodians and Asset Managers can support pension funds in the transition to DC.

Transparency is key for pension funds in the new system, where members request detailed information on investments, associated costs, and risks. Authentic sustainability commitments are vital, as mere token gestures are no longer sufficient. Traditional investment strategies, active management, diversification, and obscure alternative investments are all up for discussion.  

Join Lumera at the Investor Council to explore how funds cope with these developments.

Breakout session at 14:45 - 15:15

“Rethinking the interface between pension and asset administration in the WTP”
The WTP requires a restructuring of the pension and asset administration interface to align with new operational, reporting and communication requirements. This aspect is raising numerous questions. The issue centers around the risk of generating unnecessary complexity and reinvention of established procedures. Peter Roos, Commercial Director at Lumera, will present possible approaches to these challenges and parallels in other occupational pension markets across Europe.

For more information about the Pensioen Pro Investor Council and registration, click here.

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