Lumera attends Pensioen Pro Focus Confererence, March 20

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Lumera is gearing up to make a significant appearance at the upcoming Pensioen Pro Focus Conference 2024, March 20. 

This event marks a pivotal moment for professionals in the pension industry, offering a deep dive into the evolving landscape of Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes. As the Dutch pension system stands on the cusp of a monumental shift, Lumera steps forward to engage in critical discussions, share insights, and explore innovative solutions to the challenges ahead. The Dutch pension system conference serves as a crucial platform for these engagements.

Breakout session at 14:20-14:50

"FTK and WTP: keeping two systems up and running"
It is likely that many pension funds will have to keep an old DB scheme up and running alongside the new DC scheme. What challenges and practicalities does managing both the new DC scheme and the old DB scheme entail? The strategic options for pension fund boards and their pension administration organizations to maintain a DB administration at acceptable costs and risks.

Speaker: Stephan Linnenbank, Independent management consultant and chair Data & IT commission at the Pensioenfederatie, will delve into these critical issues, highlighting the importance of innovation and strategic planning in the face of the evolving Dutch pension system.

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