Morning Insights webinar: Time to step into the future for Policy Administration




March 14, 9-10 am GMT

In an era where technological evolution is not merely a trend but a necessity, the UK Life and Pensions (L&P) sector stands at a pivotal crossroads. While other industries have rapidly adapted to consumer demands for deeper engagement and innovative interaction techniques, the UK L&P sector has been slower to change, challenged by the headwinds of complex legacy environments and policy administration systems that belong to the last century.

This webinar, inspired by Lumera's vision for 21st-century insurtech, is designed to address this critical time. We aim to unravel the characteristics of the future policy administration technology, so that Life and Pensions providers, like you, can confidently navigate this transition.

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The future of insurtech unveiled

Join Lumera and our panel discussion with Guy Shepherd, CEO at Software Alliance, Richard Smith, Independent Pensions Professional, and Peter Roos, Commercial Director at Lumera, covering:

  • The future of insurtech
    Understand the contrast between twentieth-century solutions and the advanced architecture of twenty-first-century systems. Why it is crucial now, more than ever, for insurers to step up and embrace these changes.
  • The promise of 21st Century, next generation systems
    Discover the world of AI-powered, open, modular, and automated systems that are not only future-proof but also eliminate technical debt, offering agility and innovation without compromising security or compliance.
  • The role and benefits of Pension Dashboards
    Explore how Pension Dashboards will revolutionize the way consumers interact with their pensions, promoting transparency, enhancing competition, and leading to better customer outcomes. We will examine the purpose behind their introduction and the impact they are expected to have on the industry.
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape
    We will shed light on the latest regulatory developments and discuss how embracing C21 systems can not only ensure adherence to current regulations but also prepare your organization for future legislative trends.
  • Experience from the Nordics
    Gain insights from Lumera's extensive experience in providing cutting-edge C21 solutions to numerous Life and Pensions firms across the Nordics and Europe. Learn how their journey and expertise can inform and guide UK insurers.

This insightful webinar is more than just a discussion, it is a call to action for all insurance professionals to step forward into the future with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for this crucial transition.

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Navigating the future of insurtech: 
AI and hyperautomation in Life and Pensions

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Guy Shepherd
Software Alliance

Guy has over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing insurance technology solutions, working in large insurance groups both directly and as an advisor. In 2016, he joined Software Alliance as CEO and has played a pivotal role in transforming the platform, which offers a single calculation engine designed to meet the needs of the entire insurance lifecycle.

Richard Smith
Independent Pensions Professional

Richard led the development of data standards at the MaPS Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) in 2019/20. Now, he is Pensions Dashboards Consultant at the PLSA, and advises Moneyhub (the UK’s leading nascent commercial dashboard provider). His independent blog ( has been a comprehensive source for nine years, covering all things related to UK dashboards, including his own research of continental dashboards.

Peter Roos
Commercial Director

Peter has responsibility for bringing the Lumera core system to Europe through clients and partners. He previously has held several leading positions in the Swedish Life and Pensions market. He has a strong background in business development of pension schemes and has also been Sales Director for the second largest intermediary firm in Sweden. Peter earned a Master of Business from Uppsala University.

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