How we helped Folksam with innovative test automation which provides future-proof quality and security.

Innovative test automation provides future-proof quality and security

Folksam offers a broad range of products that include personal insurances and a variety of solutions for pension savings. Their vision is for people to feel safe in a sustainable world. Almost every second Swede is insured by Folksam, who is market leader in many areas, which ensures economies of scale and full customer commitment. For this reason, Folksam focus on, among other things, individual occupational pensions, with the aim of strengthening their market position. This is done through our own brokers and via external media channels. The IT solutions Folksam uses for this are provided by Lumera.

Test automation

As a result of development in recent years, with increased expectations for faster delivery cycles, transparency and cost pressure, there is an increasing need for more efficient testing. Test automation enables quick feedback where functionality is new or changed. By automating tests, the release received is simplified and streamlined. Test automation is a complement to manual testing in the constant pursuit of better quality.

Increased quality through higher test coverage

By automating selected test flows, Folksam has both freed up time for critical business resources and increased quality through higher test coverage and the option of continuous repeatable automatic acceptance tests.

Keys to the successful project are close cooperation between Folksam and Lumera, as well as joint working with close agreements and demos to ensure that the solution meets the needs of those who set the requirements.

The results

Lumera, together with Folksam, has created a platform which they can continue to use to expand their testing themselves in step with new functionality, more insurance products and increased stock. For Folksam this means:

  • Increased quality and control
  • Faster processes
  • Fewer errors
  • Streamlined work
  • Quick feedback on changes in functionality
  • Support in launching new functionality
  • That the business-critical flows are working
  • Increased employee satisfaction

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