Security and risk management

We’ve built security and risk management into our processes, products and partnerships. A safe transformation of Life and Pensions is built on smart security and risk management.

Why it matters

Life and Pensions is a complex landscape of critical data spread across interdependent systems.

Every day, our solutions handle the lifelong savings of individuals that rely on us to keep them safe and administer them reliably.

And every day, we apply security and risk management principles that give that task the respect, focus and dedication it deserves.

Information security

We take extensive precautions to control how data and information is processed, distributed and retained.

We conduct internal and external audits annually, to ensure compliance, progress towards targets and maintain accountability. Lumera is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for Information Security and we constantly strive to make improvements to safeguard our information security assets.

These are the three principles on which information security rests:

  • Confidentiality – Only authorized users and processes can access or modify data.
  • Integrity – Data should be maintained in a correct state, free from improper modification.
  • Availability – Authorized users should be able to access data freely.

Risk management

We proactively identify, evaluate and mitigate risks in service of continual business continuity.

Our risk management approach follows the ISO 31000 standard, which distributes resilient rules, regulations, routines and ways of working in the organization. 

The management system also covers compliance and initiatives to continually improve the risk management system.

Business continuity

Business continuity is a crucial part of continued transformation.

We follow the ISO 22301 standard in our work with continuity management, which includes back-up processes to handle risks identified as unreasonable.

And, like the rest of our business, we’re continuously maintaining, improving and developing solutions and plans.

To help that process we run routine testing and evaluation of the back-up processes for unforeseen events.

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