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Lumera is leading the Life and Pensions industry through the Prudent Revolution . We deliver unified policy administration environments that enable safe, continuous digital transformation.

Who is Lumera 

For nearly twenty years we’ve partnered with Nordic Life and Pensions providers to revolutionize policy administration using the power of the cloud.

Today, we administer over 13.8 million policies and over SEK 1 546bn for over 50% of the Swedish Life and Pensions market – and beyond.

We’re helping the biggest Life and Pensions companies across Europe digitally transform with a combination of lifelong partnership, leading cloud-native technology and deep domain expertise.

And we can do the same for you.

The name Lumera reflects our position as a guiding light through complex digital transformation and a safe pair of hands for policy administration that spans generations. Lumera is formed from lumen, the Latin for light, and era, a long and distinct period of history.

Lumera in numbers

Discover what the numbers say about our steady growth, deep industry partnerships, and safe digital transformation of leading Life and Pensions players.

Our whole model is built around our customer’s success – we only win when they win. Every year our earnings and profits climb is a vote of confidence from the industry in the transformative power of our policy administration environment.

See the numbers for yourself.

Security risk and management

Behind every policy is a lifelong promise: to protect and deliver financial security to people that depend on it.

That’s why we take a holistic and proactive approach to risk management and prevention.

We work according to the directives in the ISO-standards that govern Information Security, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

You can view our certificates and find out more by clicking below.

Management and Board

Our management team combines decades of leading experience in software development and the insurance industry.

Every member of our management team and board has deep experience around digital transformation within complex industries.

Their individual and combined experience enable us to safely transform the Life and Pensions industry across Europe.

You can learn more about individual members of the team by clicking below. 

Holistic sustainability

As a business, partner, employer and community member we are committed to sustainability, and improvement of the world we inhabit.

Our commitment to sustainability is focused on three key areas that we manage in accordance with relevant ISO standards and guidelines.

  • Environmental management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Social accountability

Each focus area is overseen by a management team with goals, targets and guidelines to ensure the commitment is more than lip service.

Discover more about each area of focus and see our certificates.

Code of Conduct

Our definition of responsible business involves conducting operations in a manner that takes into account the impact on multiple stakeholders, such as customers, employees, communities, and the environment while upholding ethical principles and social responsibility.

We rely on our Code of Conduct as a fundamental guideline for our daily activities, which is why it is an integral part of our internal training program, including onboarding and ongoing training.

For more information, please refer to Lumera's Code of Conduct, which is accessible below.

Breathing new life into Life and Pensions

We bridge technology and partnership to provide safe and continuous
digital transformation for the Life and Pensions industry.

Whistleblowing service

Lumera strives to achieve an open corporate climate and high business ethics. To make it easier to identify deviations, Lumera AB has introduced a whistleblowing service. The whistleblowing service allows any suspicions of misconduct to be reported anonymously.

It is also an important tool for reducing risks and fostering high business ethics and thereby maintaining customer and public confidence in our operations.

You can also raise a concern by contacting Anne Rexmark (CHRO) at +4673-668 59 93), or Mattias Nyblaeus (Head of Legal) at +4673-668 60 62

This service has been outsourced to solutions provider WhistleB.


Our close partnerships and ongoing collaboration are constantly surfacing new challenges and developments in the industry.

The result is ongoing development in Lumera, on our platform and across the industry.

As part of our commitment to industry-wide improvement we share these developments, insights, and other industry news with you through our various channels.

Find out more on our insights page.


We’re growing our business, improving our offering, expanding into new territories and building new partnerships.

And we love sharing these developments with you, on our news page.

In our news you’ll find all our latest internal developments, including awards, industry ratings and mentions from significant players.

Find out more on our news page.

Lumera history

The beginnings of Lumera dates back at the turn of the millennium, as the banking and insurance industries were slowly converging. Each side then had issues with dated cost structures and legacy systems designed for serving regulated markets.

A small group of likeminded pioneers recognized this as an opportunity, and that the time was right for breaking new ground: What if we could establish a common, yet flexible standard for the insurance industry? One that empowers insurers to take on their challenges and explore new business models and do so with significantly lower overhead costs.

These ideas were turned into action. The result is Inca, a versatile and extensible policy management environment that brings agility and control to life insurance and pensions providers, including their critical business processes and services.


With Swedbank signed as the first customer through a two-year contract, Itello opens for business in Stockholm, with the Royal Palace across the street from the office.  

After five years of meticulous research, planning and development, Lumera is launched in Sweden.  


Lumera adds a solution for occupational pensions, capable of easy and efficient management of large volumes of individual pension plans. 


Nordnet becomes the second customer. 


Company has a staff of 35. 


Nordea is a new customer. 


Major update of Inca with improved code and many new features added for extending business opportunities and minimizing costs and risks for insurers, while delivering superior performance and extensive automation. 

The first migration takes place. 

Movestic (Moderna) is a new customer.  

Nordnet is the first customer in Norway. 


Lumera adds support for multiple languages and currencies. 

Major upgrade of Lumera’s fund order management capabilities, ensuring a highly automated and fully transparent process.

More than one million insurance contracts are managed by customers using Lumera. 

Company nominated to the Deloitte FAST 50. 


2 million migrated policies. 

AMF Pension and Brummer Life are new customers 

Nordnet is the first customer in Denmark. 

The company reaches 100 employees. 


New high-performance billing engine brings significant productivity gains, making Lumera ready to process hundreds of thousands monthly payouts. It also enables automation of manual tasks including recalculation, return and recovery. 


Folksam is a new customer. 


Lumera offers fully automatic reconciliation with bank accounts, which facilitates accounting and audits.  


SPP is a new customer. 


Major rebuild of the Lumera platform introduced, offering added support for insurance migration and automatic merging of insurances at intake. This gives individuals better overview of their savings, while reducing management costs for the provider. 

Lumera Portal Application Framework (PAF) is launched, supporting users to build business applications to service their – and policy holders´ - most pressing needs directly on the platform. 

Europe's largest migration project according to Gartner, 5.3 million policies migrated.    

Company has a staff of 125. 


Significant update of Inca’s Plan functionality for managing occupational pensions. Key improvements include streamlined administration with shorter processing time and the new Interactive help feature which enables smart guidance and effective skills development.  

Monterro invests in Itello and becomes the main owner. 

Skandia is a new customer. 


As GDPR is implemented across Europe, insurers face a host of stringent data protection and privacy requirements. From day one with the updated legislation, Lumera offers a suite of new features to facilitate GDPR compliance, including anonymization and filtering of personal data. Individuals may also request a copy of their personal records kept by Lumera users. 

Necessary functions and capabilities to ensure compliance with the Insurance Distribution Directive regulations (IDD) from start. 
Over 10 million migrated policies. 
First Nordic vendor to be recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Policy Administration Systems in Europe. 


Acquires Eikos AS, expanding presence in Norway. 


Lumera becomes available as a cloud service –now known as Lumera Live. 

Significant upgrade of Lumera´s fund administration and fund order management functions. 

Handelsbanken  is a new customer. 

Eikos signs portfolio management contract with KLP. 

The company reaches 222 employees. 


To support expansion into new European markets, Itello rebrands as Lumera. 

Close to 12 million migrated policies. 

PP Pension migrates to Lumera Live solution with implementation by Future Core Cloud.

Skandia selects Lumera for major enterprise systems upgrade. 


Acquires and invests in Ai-London for continued European expansion.

Selected by HAYAH, a digital insurance pioneer in the Middle East region, to deliver fully digitalized AI-driven insurance platform.

Vita, Life insurance company, d.d., selects Lumera as strategic AI & automation partner.

Acquires AxyWare to solidify commitment to Dutch market.

The company reaches 340 employees.


Wolters Kluwer, HiBiN and Nordea Norway are new customers.

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