Terese Penna

HR Business Partner

Why did you want to join Lumera?

My first time at the office, I got a really good gut feeling. I was well received and got the feeling that Lumera was a modern and exciting employer. I remember thinking straight away, „I can imagine working here!”

What is your work day like at Lumera?

My work days are very different. I work extensively with HR issues, which means everything from supporting managers and employees in their HR related issues to recruitment and development of HR processes and procedures. I have a lot of contact with other people, which I enjoy.

What is the most developmental aspect of your job?

That my work tasks vary so much and that new questions always arise. This makes me feel that I am constantly challenged and developing.

What’s the best thing about working at Lumera?

That everyone is so helpful, the short routes to decision-making and that there’s a high level of open-mindedness. Our Friday breakfasts are also very nice ?

How would you describe Lumera as a workplace in just a few words?

A lot of expertise, a positive corporate culture, and committed colleagues!