Julia Pettersson

Application Consultant

Why did you want to join Lumera?

I came into contact with Lumera through a recruitment company when I was open for new opportunities after my first job. I found it to be a suitably sized company with many opportunities.

What’s the best thing about working at Lumera?

There is a lot to learn and there are opportunities to develop by trying different roles. Lumera is a flat organization with a lot of extremely competent, lovely colleagues. We have a good corporate culture, we have lots of fun together and the benefits are good, for example, we get to work out during working hours.

What is your work day like at Lumera?

I used to work in a customer team but have recently changed to the role of application consultant. My work as an application consultant varies. I go from participating in customer workshops, coming up with solutions with colleagues, documenting them, configuring the application and conducting demo/training internally and externally.

What is the most developmental aspect of your job?

That you can choose what you want to work with yourself.

How would you describe Lumera as a workplace in just a few words?

Competent, inclusive, forward-looking, autonomy.