Itello signs an agreement with SPP to provide increased automation and digitization



The cooperation between SPP and Itello was initiated in 2015 in the form of a project regarding SPP’s risk insurances. After extensive and comprehensive evaluation of alternative solutions and partners, SPP and Itello signed a multi-year contract.

With the help of Itello the agreement includes replacing SPP’s current system for administering pensions and insurance as well as future administration. The modern platform gives SPP a number of benefits to meet business requirements:

  • Increased efficiency and automation of processes and operations
  • Faster to develop new offerings and launch them on the market
  • Improved and simplified internal control and compliance
  • Increased flexibility in offers and solutions
  • Strong ability to operate in the industry’s increasingly complex digital value chain
  • Reduced costs with a standardized solution

„SPP has a broad range of sustainable pension solutions for companies and individuals. The strategic cooperation with Itello gives us a modern and flexible platform for savings and risk. We can provide more efficient administration, more easily managed pensions and increased digital accessibility for our customers,“ says Monika Rappe, Head of Innovation & Development portfolio in SPP.

The future will be what we make it
„The insurance industry is changing, driven by digitization and automation, continuous price pressure and increasing demands from the authorities for increased transparency and control. Itello is very proud to have received SPP’s confidence as a trusted partner that enables us to embark on this changing journey together. We have in recent years gained an increasing number of industry players that realize the benefits of industry-wide solutions in a system. Now that SPP has chosen to expand cooperation with Itello, they have established a future-proofed IT platform based on the most complete, competent and cost-effective IT support. It enables SPP to streamline their administrative processes and to work more effectively in an increasingly complex digital value chain. Further, it provides a flexibility and ability to adapt to new market conditions and to quickly bring products, services and business models to the market,“ says Per Agelii, CEO of Itello.

About SPP
We are part of Storebrand, together we are one of the leading groups for savings and insurance. We distinguish ourselves through our focus on sustainability and responsible investment.

For more information, please contact: Monika Rappe, Head of Innovation & Development portfolio in SPP: +46 8 451 72 78

About Itello
A Fintech company that develops business and digital solutions for the efficient administration of pension, insurance and savings. We are perceived as a market leader in what we do by our customers. They are Sweden’s largest life insurance companies. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise in systems development we build the new generation of business software and digital solutions for pension and insurance business. Itello has approximately 130 employees and sales of about 175 Mkr. The future will be what we make of it.

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