Lessons learned from disruption in the Nordic pension market



Across the Western world, national pension systems are challenged by economic and demographic change. From a combination of sustained low interest rates, increasing life spans and people entering working life later, established pension systems have been exposed as vulnerable and unsustainable. The result is a wave of reforms and transition to Pay-as-you-go, where the most significant common aspect is that traditional Defined Benefit (DB) pensions are abandoned, in favor of Defined Contribution (DC) schemes.

For more than 20 years, Lumera has supported the Life and Pensions industry through major transition. Today, our mission extends beyond reform: We enable customers to go fully digital in a safe and controlled fashion, and to stay compliant while doing so.

We created this paper to share our best practices, based on what we have learned along the way, and to offer some projections on the future of pensions administration.

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