From mindset to action – Lumera’s path to holistic sustainability



Someone once said, ‚green is a trend, sustainability is a mindset.‘ At Lumera, we firmly believe in maintaining a holistic approach to sustainability, viewing it as an integral part of our identity. We focus on exploring possibilities rather than dwelling on problems, select activities that align with our values and operations, and steadfastly avoid greenwashing and blue washing, ensuring we do not give in to sustainability fatigue.

As Lumera experiences rapid growth, achieving our overall sustainability goals can post challenges outside the Nordics. For instance, 100% renewable energy might not be readily available, and work environments may differ in new countries where we establish operations. To overcome these challenges, we actively involve our other offices in sustainability councils, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.  

Responsible supply chain

Being at the forefront of enabling continuous digital transformation for the Life and Pensions industry, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly business practices. While we recognize electronic equipment as a significant aspect of sustainability, we take responsibility for the entire supply chain, emphasizing responsible production, reuse and recycling. One of the ways we achieve this is by procuring IT equipment that is already certified for sustainability, considering factors such as hazardous substances, circularity, and socially- and environmentally responsible manufacturing. Additionally, we actively participate in our supplier’s takeback program, ensuring proper reuse and recycling while maintaining information security and traceability reporting.

Social responsibility and employee initiatives

At Lumera, we understand that social responsibility not only strengthens our corporate and employer branding but also enriches our work experience. Therefore, we encourage our employees to take the initiative in suggesting activities that Lumera can undertake to support social responsibility. One of the initiatives is to host a homework hub to support and empower young students from socially vulnerable areas to reach higher education. We will continue welcoming more students to our Stockholm office this fall. We also joined another initiative offering our employees to donate blood during working hours in all our offices. The two initiatives have proven to be excellent team-building exercises, inspiring not only our employees but also other companies. These initiatives allow us to do good, feel good, and showcase our commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Our ongoing DE&I project is highly appreciated. We strive to be an inclusive employer, where every employee feels welcomed and respected every day at work. Our goal is to create a successful, thriving workplace that fosters happiness, well-being, and superior performance for all. We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in various aspects, such as skill-based recruitment, monitoring working conditions like equal pay, and providing education through external lecturers. Lumera’s ultimate objective is for each employee to feel safe, respected, and represented.

A proactive approach to ethical practices

At Lumera, we take our responsibility as a business seriously. In addition to publishing our Code of Conduct, we invest in training and exercises to enhance awareness and understanding of ethical business practices. We actively identify risks associated with unethical behaviour and work diligently to address them. Additionally, we require our suppliers to adhere to a Supplier Code of Conduct if they do not have one in place.

Commitment to sustainability standards

 We recently completed our fifth annual audit for ISO26000 for social responsibility. The management system and third-party verification have played crucial roles in improving our efforts towards holistic sustainability. Furthermore, our externally verified self-declaration has given support in mapping the effect on our stakeholders and society, and thus given us tools for targeting positive impact. As the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) approaches, we are diligently preparing to meet the criteria.

Lena Shaw, Sustainability Manager, Lumera.

„We welcome CSRD and the standardization of sustainability reporting and believe it will provide clarity and help us produce more qualitative information that is comparable with previous periods and with other entities in our sector.“

For more detailed information regarding our sustainability efforts, please contact Lena Shaw:

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