Folksam is live with Allfunds Orderrouting – saves time and increases security



Folksam is live with Itello’s Allfunds Orderrouting (Allfunds), which means that Folksam’s fund orders are sent to AllFunds, which then forwards them to each fund company. The previous process was very time-consuming, both through the use of fax messages and manual handling of order confirmation. With the digital connection to AllFunds, Folksam saves time and increases security in the time-critical process that fund trading entails. Now, Folksam’s fund orders reach AllFunds only a few seconds after an order has been compiled in Inca and the confirmation is read in mechanically – without the laying on of hands.

Folksam has currently gone into production with a few selected fund companies and will gradually merge with more fund companies. Folksam is the first to launch this solution in Sweden and the goal is to reach a full-service solution.

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