Digital revolution in the face of global recession

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We still experience the effects of the Covid pandemic, and the measures put in place to counter it. Signs of global recession are at hand, interest rates are up and inflation has returned to European economies, with unforeseen but sadly explainable rising bills for energy and food.

While the last couple of months have been eventful on the world stage, Lumera’s efforts to advance meaningful and prosperous relations with our customers continue, as this is our constant focus.

We’ve had the privilege of extending our partnership with Vita, a Slovenian bank insurance leader. Through our new agreement, Lumera will deliver AI-driven automation for a significant part of Vita’s claims handling administration. This will facilitate their digital customer interaction and optimize operational efficiency.

Since we brought Lumera’s Prudent Revolution to the UK and Ireland earlier this year, Lumera shows how AI-driven insights can enrich complex Life and Pensions advice, while routine tasks are automated. As policy management is characterized by large volumes of data and complex business rules, this presents an ideal environment for adopting AI solutions, with huge potential for the technology to add value. Read more about the value of AI in the Life & Pensions sector here.

Furthermore, we have strengthened our executive team and welcomed Johan Rudén, former CIO at leading Swedish insurer Folksam, in the new role as Chief Operating Officer (COO). His main responsibility is to develop Lumera’s organization and our offering.

Don’t miss the article “Lumera: The Prudent Revolution to change Life and Pensions”, published recently by DIA Amsterdam. This presents our unified policy administration environment that enables Life and Pensions companies across Europe to safely and confidently go digital. Read the article here.

Digital participant activation is the theme of our upcoming Morning Insights webinar, September 27 at 9-10 am CET. We have invited prominent guest speakers from EY, riskine and Benify to cover how insurers can best guide consumers to make informed decisions. Register here to learn more about how to increase digital participant activation in the European L&P industry.

Another event attended by Lumera is the Pensioen Pro Annual Conference & Awards in Amsterdam on October 4. There we will address the digital transformation of the L&P industry and share our experiences from some 70 successful migration projects in Scandinavia over the past decade.

To wrap things up, clearly inflation has reshaped the economic mood, probably for years to come. Despite living in uncertain times, at Lumera we maintain the course to be our fullest selves, rise against unexpected challenges and keep The Prudent Revolution going.

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